Thursday, 15 November 2012

Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud!

Mud, mud, glorious mud!
Pip enjoying the mud
Toby decided to take Hugo and Pip down to the meadows yesterday morning - BIG mistake! The cows have churned the field up so much the mud is literally about a foot deep. The dogs absolutely loved it though, especially in the really soggy bits going into the river - all three of them were caked in mud and Toby had so much stuck in and on his boots he ended up taking them off and carrying them home. So, you can imagine the state of Hugo and Pip's legs - all of which should be white. To make matters worse, Hugo wouldn't let Toby get any of it off him when he came home. For those who don't know this area, the heavy clay here can be used to make a natural watertight lining to ponds and canals - it thick, very sticky and a bluish brown in colour. As it gradually dried it turned into a fine powder so we are now constantly trying to brush bits out of them - the seat of the black leather settee where pip lies is now a dull matt brown and I don't think Hugo's legs will ever be white again!

Later in the day Toby noticed they were playing with what he thought was a bit of fur from a deceased teddy bear until he spotted a tail and nose - it was a small mouse (very dead and squashed)! Have no idea if they caught it themselves or if next doors cat had left them a present but what did worry me was that it was black in colour - hope it wasn't someone's beloved pet!!!

Where did all this come from?!!
The little monkeys killed another kitchen roll today - this time there was only a little bit in the kitchen but the garden was awash with it! I am seriously going to have to find somewhere else to keep it - hiding the cook books in a cupboard certainly stopped the previous destructive streak so think I'm going to have to go minimalist (until you actually look in the cupboards that  is!).

We took them up on Selsley Common this evening - Hugo and Pip behaved quite well - but only because it was getting dark, big scaredy cats!! Normally Hugo is on the alert for any dog on the horizon but today he could see the cars going along the road on the edge of the common as they had their lights on so he kept 'pointing' at them instead and got quite excited  - perhaps he needs his eyes testing.