Sunday, 11 November 2012

Walking the plank!

Walking the plank!
We have been taking Hugo and Pip for walks up on Selsley Common or through Randwick Woods the last couple of weeks so when Toby and I took them along the canal the other evening they were really excited. They were darting all over the place, sniffing and having a grand old time. As the garden is still cordoned off poor Hugo has been deprived of his beloved pond water so he was climbing down the banks of the canal every few yards to have a good old drink. He must have rather overdone it though because he suddenly did the largest burp you have ever heard!

Looks like Pip is chasing Hugo in her sleep
When we got to the lock gates I was holding on to Hugo and Toby had Pip but we had to hurriedly switch leads as Hugo took off across the wooden plank walk way on to the other side of the canal and Toby had to go with him! He had spotted 3 ducks sitting in the grass and was very disappointed when they immediately jumped in the water, quaking loudly (actually it sounded like they were laughing at him!) Neither Toby or I like water and don't 'do' heights (the lock is about 20ft deep) so it wasn't very nice for Toby having to walk the plank. Hugo didn't bat an eyelid though and wanted to keep going back and forth - just had visions of him coming to the end of his lead and getting yanked back into the water - he would have been on his own if he had!!
Making friends with 'the monster'

Yesterday Toby and I went to do a home check for the Akita Rescue and Welfare and took Hugo and Pip with us. They were very well behaved for them - they only churned up the lawn, drank the dregs of coffee out of a cup on the table and went upstairs to check the bedrooms!

Had a good walk up on Selsley Common this afternoon - lovely sunshine and quite warm too. Hugo and Pip were very interested in a hang glider trying to take off and Hugo wanted to chase it. Must be getting braver because he also made friends with 'the monster' and wee'd up it!