Thursday, 22 November 2012

Nice and Clean!

Yesterday morning Hugo was fast asleep on the landing outside our bedroom door when Martin got up to go and have a wash in the bathroom. When I got up Hugo did too and I noticed something that he had been lying on - it was a bar of Imperial Leather soap, only a little bit chewed and with just a few dog hairs. He must have felt a little bit peckish and taken it from the dish in the bathroom during the night - makes me feel queasy to think about it!

Nobody loves me!
Later in the day Toby took Hugo and Pip up on the common after the worst of the rain was over but they came back absolutely covered in mud. There was no option but to bath them! We have never bathed Hugo before as he really is too heavy to manhandle, especially as he is none too keen on the idea but Toby and I between us managed to heave him into the water. He was not impressed and even less so when I used the shower attachment to rinse him off. He was a lot easier getting out the bath than getting in and proceeded to shake himself everywhere. As he is frightened of towels the best I could do was to tie one round him, superman-style, to soak up the worst of the water - he was not happy and just stood there until we took pity on him and removed it.  Miss Pip, on the other hand was not bothered in the slightest and lifted her legs up to be washed underneath and was quite happy to be dried off. The water in the bath was a thick brown gloop and I had to unblock the plug hole because of their hair so think a good wash was long overdue.  Both of them lay in front of the fire most of the evening and seemed to be exhausted by the experience - they didn't even bother going out for a walk later on. This morning both of them are beautifully soft and a LOT whiter than they have been for a while. Doubt it will last long in this weather though.
Hugo willing the cheese to fall off!

It was dark early tonight and very windy so rather than go anywhere too exposed we took them down the canal - Hugo was pulling like a train and I had to keep stopping and making him sit just to get some control back - think the Halti will be making an appearance again soon. Pip was jumping around so suspect the wind was ruffling both of them and leaves were blowing everywhere.. Needless to say both of them had to drink the canal water so ended up with mud on their legs again. Never mind, at least we managed to take them out for a while.